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Who We Are.

About Us

I Am Change Humanitarian Organisation (IAC) is a registered Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organization, that aims at establishing a community based movement which involves inclusion, social integration and economic and social empowerment for youth and vulnerable persons through interventions geared at our IAC target groups by focusing on their strengths, financially enabling and engaging them in productive ventures and profitable enterprise – treating them not as problems or victims of societal neglect but as valuable resources able to make their own positive contribution towards nation building.

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IAC Mission

Fostering Partnerships, Strengthening Alliances, Igniting Passion   and   Bridging   the   Socio-Economic Gaps among Vulnerable Youth Groups and vulnerable neglected citizens through enlightenment and empowerment programs

Vision of IAC

Is to establish strong support and ties with disenfranchised youths and other vulnerable victims that will enable better learning opportunities and a better livelihood; to encourage and mentor on self-sufficiency and life skills.

Targeted Audience

Our targeted audience includes: the Almajiri, unskilled youths, the unemployed graduates, orphaned children, Dissident Youth, Juvenile delinquents, and victims of physical and sexual abuse plus women and children.

Coporately we can make the Change happen

We believe no amount is too small to effect the change you want to see, your donation might be a token both collectively everybody’s token would effect the change we all want to see. Lets re-build Nigeria, so together we can say #IAMCHANGE

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Meet The Team

Hafsatu Shinkafi
Organization Founder

Hafsatu Shinkafi is the Executive Director of I am Change Humanitarian Organisation.

Ahmadu-Bello Shinkafi

Ahmadu-Bello Shinkafi is a member board of trustees.

Solomon Dogo

Solomon Dogo is an Advisor to the organisation