Farmers Comfort

Farmer Comfort is a intended collaborative effort from all stake holders to help encourage agriculture to a greater degree especially among the urban dwellers. It has been noticed in the last two decades that there have been a continuous rural urban drift in search of a better life which is no where to be found thereby leaving our youths with no other option but crime.

Leadership and Mentoring Academy

Leadership and Mentoring Academy Leadership and Mentoring Academy(LMA) is a programme of IAC and an umbrella group that will provide leadership skills, mentoring activities, mediation/reconciliatory efforts, diplomacy...

Empower the Girl Child Project

Our daughters are the future of our country, beyond being our children, they are the future mothers that would shape the Children our tomorrow that is why we cannot afford to neglect them or overlook their Plight. Beyond every reasonable doubt should we continue to treat our daughters like second class weaker vessels, Nigeria would have slim or no chances. Read More

The Almajiri Project

The Almajiri situation in the country at the least could be described as horrific, The number of almajiri children on the streets in the towns and cities of Northern Nigeria is humongous. It is said there may be as many as three million in Kano State alone. Almajiri are not just an innocuous presence on the street, in the motor-park, not just

Artisan Certificate of Trade (ACT)

The Artisan Certificate of Trade (ACT) will be designed as a vocational training programme that will identify young successful Nigerian entrepreneurs who are highly successful in their chosen vocations i.e. photography, interior decoration, catering, tailoring/fashion designing, film-making, music production, computer engineering/software development, bloggin