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Are your programs only for Nigerians?

IAC is registered in Nigeria and intends to start its programmes in Nigeria before branching out to West Africa and the entire globe.

What is IAC?

I Am Change Humanitarian Organisation (IAC) is a registered Non-Governmental and Not Profit making Organization, that aims at establishing a community based movement which involves inclusion, social integration and economic empowerment for youth and vulnerable persons through interventions geared at these selected target groups; focusing on their strengths, financially enabling them, engaging them in productive ventures and profitable enterprise – treating them not as problems or victims of societal neglect but as valuable resources able to make their own positive contribution towards nation building.

Who founded IAC?

Hafsatu U. Shinkafi founded IAC in 2015

How is IAC different from others?

I Am Change Humanitarian Organisation is a unique entity formed by Youths to address the imminent crisis and challenges being faced by the Nigerian youths, the organization policies and programs have all been carefully created in order to solve the issues being faced by youths and vulnerable targets in different communities around Nigeria, IAC does not provide generic solutions and ideas to problems, IAC carefully studies its targets and communities to provide the needed solution for all target issues.

What are the Goals of IAC

• To stem widespread violation of the rights of vulnerable persons especially Youths, women and children
• To provide policy support, advocacy and develop programs in support of youths and vulnerable persons
• To build, support and manage Behavior Change Communication (BCC)
• Reduce and Provide rehabilitation, inclusion and social integration for victims of drug abuse and vulnerable young persons
• To provide Humanitarian and psychosocial support for orphans and vulnerable children

Who are your targets?

 The Almajiri
 Women and Children
 Vulnerable Youths i.e. barrow boys, truck pushers, hawkers, bus-conductors, motor-park loiterers
 Dissident Youths and Juvenile Delinquents
 Out of school youths
 Vocational apprentices who need additional mentoring and skills support
 Unemployed graduates

How can I benefit?

If you are within our target victims and would like to be a participant and beneficiary of our programmes you can contact us via our website. The same applies for victims of any type of abuse and marginalization

How can I contribute to IAC?

Volunteers and donations are gladly accepted at IAC. To volunteer you can contact us with the right details on our website, also you can find the option where you can donate funds on our website. If a person is interested in donating goods such as food clothing books etc. you can bring the items directly to our head office in Abuja. (find address on contact us page)

Do you welcome donations?

IAC accepts donation in the form of funds, volunteering, and useful good items such as food, clothes, equipment, books etc.