The Almajiri Project

The Almajiri situation in the country at the least could be described as horrific, The number of almajiri children on the streets in the towns and cities of Northern Nigeria is humongous. It is said there may be as many as three million in Kano State alone. Almajiri are not just an innocuous presence on the street, in the motor-park, not just an aesthetic displeasure for the sights of well-heeled fellow citizens sitting in their cars, who they accost with their grimy fingers and dirty bowls, begging for money.

Extreme poverty in youth in Nigeria has worn other faces before. After Chief Obafemi Awolowo introduced free education in the Western region, his team went round some of the ramshackle schools where the youth he was seeking to educate were receiving their lessons. Some of the photographs survive to this day. The poverty in the air was palpable. Many of the children in the fading black and white photographs are in rags. Some are quite naked. Nearly all are barefooted. But their eyes are bright with hope as they pose with the politicians and civil servants in the team.

This is a cause we can together revive by contributing your token to the actualization of the project. We need to take our youths off the street to build a better Nigeria.